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Who are WE and what is WET?


Welsh Endurance is a constituted body, independent of Endurance GB, established to select and support the horses and riders competing for Wales in the Home International and Celtic Challenge endurance riding competitions.

The Welsh Endurance Team is the group of horses and riders selected annually to represent Wales in the above events.  Riders must have either been born in Wales or resident in Wales for at least 12 months.  Horses and riders must be registered with Endurance GB.


Once upon a time (1988) in a dim and distant land (England) there lived some people who thought they should choose who would ride for Wales in the annual competition between Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.  This would be like the RFU in Twickenham selecting the Welsh rugby team to play in the Six Nations - outrageous!  So Welsh Endurance was born.

For more than two decades, pretty much all the hard work was done by Pat Conn, with help from Roger Lunt, Glenn Helmann and others in the Mid-Wales EGB Group area.  Ceredigion became the unofficial Centre of Operations.  With Pat and Roger migrating south to France in 2012, they were keen to see Welsh Endurance continue in safe hands.  To this end, the 2011 AGM was more widely publicised than previous meetings and there was a very good attendance in Builth Wells on 4th December 2012.  A new committee was elected and a new chapter began...